You are right. There are thousands of Immigration Consultants across the world who provide their services to clients who are in need of advice. To be honest, almost every Immigration Consultant is able to do this job (because they are educated to do so) and, thank God, there are only a few that act fraudulently to get your money out of your pocket.

So, what are the reasons you should choose Silver Star International Immigration Consulting as your preferred advisor?

  • We ourselves went through all stages of the immigration process. From the deepest valleys of hopelessness to the highest summits of success – we experienced all facets.
  • With this experience, we also know what our clients are asking for. Transparency, availability, quick responses to your questions, a smooth walk-through as well as open and honest advice.
  • Honest advice could also mean that we don’t recommend an application for the time being. We will clearly outline what we consider to be the weak point(s) in a potential application and how to overcome it. Please note that we have a policy in place that doesn’t allow us to take on every new client just for the sake of making money. That’s not the way it works. We feel responsible for you and want you to succeed. That is the main objective of our work. In the end, it is your money and even more, your fate that you entrust to us. We thank you for this trust.
  • For all your translation needs we work closely together with our partner translation agency German Link Translation Services, Johanna Timm, Ph.D., in Vancouver. Whatever you want to get translated, as a STIBC-Accredited Translator she will take care of your documents. During the course of an application, you will need to have at least birth certificates, marriage certificates, graduation certificates, proof of education/studies and employer letter translated and certified. Additional documents could be required according to the program chosen.
  • Our service is not limited to process your application to immigrate to Canada. We do provide additional advice for all questions pertaining to your new life here, related to administrative tasks like obtaining a SIN number, opening a bank account, exchange your driver’s license or enrolling your kids into a school in your catchment area. This information is given free of charge.
  • As a future service, we will rent out an RV motorhome to our valued customers that both have or have never been to Canada before. Based out of Vernon, B.C., it will give you the opportunity to explore the spectacular nature of the Rocky Mountains, the Pacific Coast or the hidden treasures of Vancouver Island. Travel the world-famous Jasper and Banff National Parks, explore waterfalls, endless trails or encounter bears, deers, moose and other wildlife. A classical trip could start in Vernon, on a route over Highway 1 to Calgary, to Jasper/Banff, Mt. Robson and Vancouver and from the megacity, back to Vernon. We will announce separately as soon as this service will become available.

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