Canada. Many people from all over the world get a tingle down their spine when they hear this word. With eyes half-closed, we are transported in the blink of an eye to the endless expanses of the prairies, rustic forests with crystal-clear streams, campfires under the tops of majestic trees, and turquoise-blue lakes that reflect the sublime peaks of the Rockies. “Oh, Canada – how nice it would be to live here”.

If you have even only once pondered the idea of immigrating to Canada, you have come to the right place. No matter what really drives you, in the end, to take up this idea carefully, to spin it on, to move it in your head and in your heart and possibly to put it finally into action: between idea and implementation there are mountains and valleys, joy and disappointment, anxiety and hope and frustration and euphoria close together.

We know from our own experience how important comprehensive information is to plan further steps ahead. This website is intended to support you in all matters of immigration.

Milky Way over the Rockies
The milky way over the Rockies.

So, welcome! Let´s get started!

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